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About us

Our practice covers the spectrum of kidney disease, dialysis, hypertension, vascular access, and transplant from the patients whose condition is at early stage detectible only by lab testing to the patients with kidney failure requiring transplantation or dialysis.


Kidney failure is an extremely common disease, 70 – 80% of the patients have high blood pressure and diabetes as the primary cause of kidney disease. Early detection of kidney problems and focused care provided by a kidney specialist can help prevent worsening of kidney disease.

Not every patient we see progresses to kidney failure. Our job is to learn as much as we can about your particular kidney problem, explain it to you and either treat you to correct the problem or help you maintain your kidney function as long as possible. If you are one of the patients who come to us when most of your kidney function has already been lost then our job will be to help you understand your options for managing kidney failure and to guide you through preparations for dialysis and/or transplant as you choose.


Our goal is to provide compassionate innovative care of the highest quality to our patients through a team approach.

Our vision is to achieve a highest standard of excellence in health care delivery and provide a safe environment for our patients and maintain a high level of patient and family satisfaction.